Here is a brief paragraph explaining the handful of testimonials that follow. It might say something like: People are talking about why VIP Quality Day and Residential Services is superior to other similar Services being offered in the Kansas City Area. Below are some examples from satisifed clilents that we have been grateful to serve...


To the Staff & Leadership of VIP: I attended "Our Wars" Friday evening and was to impressed with the commitment of all of you! The players were so “validated” because of your ministry. They received the very deserved attention because of their excellent commitment & simplistic view of humor. I laughed (with their permission & hopes) and cried because of the heroes you became, in my life, @ that performance. You reminded me of what heroes are!

Sincerely grateful,
Yvonne Coselmon


I wish I had taken a video Saturday night at the Gaslight Grill! George and Chris took me out to dinner for my birthday. There is a jazz band that plays in the Back Room where we ate dinner. Since it was my birthday I got a free dessert with a candle.

Chris could not understand why the band was not playing Happy Birthday. He tried to get the attention of the band by waving to them and they waved back. They thought he was just waving. After we finished eating George took Chris up to the band to see if they would let him come up on stage and sing. Much to my surprise the clarinetist handed Chris the microphone. Then he said "ready, go" and they proceeded to start playing.

He was not afraid at all. He started singing "happy birthday" loudly and clearly. It was amazing. The best birthday present ever!! He obviously has been paying close attention to what you all do there. I know you all say that he does not talk but he clearly enjoyed the spotlight Saturday night and knew how to do it. Thank you for all that you do. He is listening to you and observing all that you do!

Julie K.

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