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Eric Herndon and Erica RedickMy daughter, Erica and I love the arts and carry that love over into the activities available at VIP’s day service program. Watching the individuals express herself/himself through painting, drawing, music, and theatre brings joy to the heart.

Since opening VIP’s doors, the selection of activities has increased to include not only arts but also fitness and health, community outreach, volunteering opportunities, cooking, reading, and social outings. When you visit the day services program, you will find individuals involved in several different activities, from playing kick ball, enjoying an art projects, to cooking up something to eat.

In our group homes, clients, with the assistance of staff, are responsible for the household chores, cooking, and grocery shopping. It’s important to VIP that individuals stay active and involved in the community. VIP does this by encouraging individuals to participate in Special Olympics and Special Population activities. VIP’s Residential Manager, also coordinates weekend day trips and activities to get individuals out in the community.

VIP’s vision is to provide life enriching experiences and enhance the quality of life.


Eric F. Herndon VIP Quality Services, LLC CEO

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